• Merinda

Di Rita's Pizzeria & Deli Opens in St Ives Cambridgshire

Di Rita's Pizzeria & Deli is now open in St Ives Cambridgeshire. Serving freshly baked Italian Food.

Merinda Di Rita said-

"Six months ago Andrew Di Rita had an idea and now today its happened. I’m so proud of your strength & vision...the late nights & sleepless nights to build a future for Di Rita’s. Your determination to educate others of the freshness and quality of food & the health benefits it comes with. The hours you spend studying foods you supply to the public and now growing your own crops to supply is just something else!! You always told me this is more than a business it is a business with a vision to encourage others to have a positive mindset in all they want to achieve in life...starting by what we put into our bodies. Thank you for always evolving! - Love Merinda & Team Di Rita’s (and Gino & Ilaria) "

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