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Di Rita’s presents Caffe Espresso a la carte (and there is a reason we have holes in our spoons...)

It is well known that Italians love their coffee and at Di Rita’s we are passionate about it. For us we choose coffees in the same way as we select our wine. We want to make the coffee experience a multisensory ritual, an unforgettable experience within everyone’s reach. After extensive research Andrew found Caffe Del Caravaggio. From this companies vision and commitment and unique passion was born Caffè Del caravaggio!!. A coffee so good that it deserves a place of honour in the kingdom of taste!

This coffee has been selected because of its high quality pure arabica single origins and blends of coffee. The unique design of the coffee cup and spoon was signed by the famous Italian designer Giorgio Tedioli. The coffee spoon facilitates the mixing of the sugar without damaging our coffee cream. It reduces heat loss for a coffee always at the right temperature.

Our beautiful Italian coffee is available at our restaurant Bridge Street and our deli on Merryland. Check out our a la carte of coffees

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