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Health Benefits of buying fresh bread from a Bakery

Firstly, you can not compare the flavour with a pre-packaged bread from a grocery store not to mention the comforting inviting smell you get from coming into our Bakery- but there are also many health benefits from freshly baked breads. Lets take a look at a couple:

1. Low in sodium

One of the main benefits of shopping at a bakery is the bread is low in sodium than the pre packaged alternatives which contain large amounts of salt to extend shelf life!

2. No Preservatives

In addition to sodium, pre- packaged bread often contains ingredients such as high fructose - not only do these have an unhealthy amount of saturated fats but consuming these can have a negative impact on your heart over time.

We will be researching in the next few months other breads which we can provide as a bakery with even more added health benefits but with an all round flavour.

If your looking for fresh bakery items and a variety of cheeses and meats then pop into

Di Rita’s Deli. Merryland St.Ives. Open Monday to Saturday (9-3.30). Our pizzeria opens from 5-10 Monday to Saturday.

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