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I hope these words will give you some comfort....(written by Merinda Di Rita)

So you could say things have been tough mentally for a lot of us.... now homeschooling, working from home on top of the normal household chores and this can be somewhat exhausting! So yes we do have a night that we call “our family pizza night”. It gets us excited to finish up our day to reset and recharge as a family without the hassle of preparing dinner. We all get to pick a movie and we simply chill, disconnect to reconnect with eachother....and of course there’s something very satisfying knowing where the pizza is from and how our chef cares about his dough! We know this of course, as we live and breathe the ethos of everything Di Rita’s is about! It’s our life!

Winter is a time for comfort, for good food, warmth and a good film. I feel like home should be a place where you should be yourself and if you want to wear that snowman onesie and curl up then you should!

Of course this winter is very different...everyone I seem to talk to and customers I see at the bakery are feeling rather down and the same theme keeps popping up - the feeling that we should be doing something because it is the beginning of the year.

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently which led me to write this blog. I hope my words will give you some comfort. I have been following some great mentors and personal development coaches these last few weeks and I have picked the below passage which may help some of you think of things in a slightly different way. I know it has helped me....

‘I know that the year has started off with yet more seeming restrictions but please remember that we are still in hibernation mode at the moment. Our true new year begins in March with the Spring Equinox. We shouldn’t necessarily be out there in the world ‘doing’ at the moment and so try and see the blessing in that we are being given this opportunity to not blindly rush headlong into the year and either burn ourselves out too soon or go in the wrong direction as we have not given ourselves time to feel and flow gently into the year and settle into her energies first.

Just look at our traditional new year and how hard it is to set resolutions and intentions when it is dark and cold and grey and the whole world around us still feels like it’s sleeping. We are being called back – to feel and flow. We are called back to living in alignment with nature and cycles and the skies.

Look outside at nature right now, she’s still sleeping. She’s still hibernating She’s quiet and still and doing the work underground to replenish and gather the energy that she is going to need to come into full bloom and growth in the spring.

So if you’re not feeling motivated right now it’s ok. If you don’t want to go outside and run right now it’s ok. If you want to hibernate on your sofa now it’s ok. If you haven’t made a single New Year resolution or even thought about the year ahead yet it’s ok.

Just like with nature our time will come, but for now go easy, go gentle, go slow, be kind’

As a local business and one that has been there for the community during this time, we feel a passion to make sure all our customers are okay and are not feeling isolated...please feel free to comment or share your views on how you are getting through this period.

....remember not to underestimate those planned nights such as a games night, a pizza and film night..it’s the little things and moments that matter.

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