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Pizza Special Tonight

🌟 Pizza Special Tonight 🌟introducing Pizza Norma 🇮🇹 (enjoy with a side of Mediterranean vegetables or our famous potatoes) open tonight from 5pm. Get those pizzas ordered for a fantastic night in.

Words cannot explain the reason why this delicious pizza fully reflects the values ​​of our Mediterranean cuisine in one of the unique regions of southern Italy. In fact, it is difficult to find on the menus of pizzerias located on the north of the peninsula, It seems to only be brought by Southern

It is aubergines and ricotta salata, the same recipe that is used for the preparation of the pasta to the Norm.

Based on a pizza margherita, we add the seasoned aubergines , a thick layer of grated ricotta, salt and pepper and fresh basil added after cooking. The flavours are immense.

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