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Preservatives?...Not for us thanks! (written by Merinda Di Rita)

Since opening our Deli on Merryland we have been obsessed with researching the benefits of the way we do things at Di Rita’s. At our restaurant and Deli.

We have had many customers in since we have opened who have a slight gluten intolerance ...who unknown to us have tried our breads and have come back to report that they did not feel bloated after like they would have normally and that it caused no after pain. This was music to our ears which led us to dive in deeper and research the reason why... some researchers have reported that it is actually the chemicals and preservatives that are put into breads to give them long shelf lives that causes adverse effects on some people such as stomach pains, bloating, migraines...the list went on. Some reports have quoted it is not actually the bread itself but the added preservatives

At our Deli all our bread is made with very few ingredients using organic flour from southern Italy and going back to basics. It is made fresh by our senior baker every morning. We are dedicated to health and wellbeing and will continue to make our products simply without any need for preservatives to prolong the life of our breads or cakes...what you see is what you get! This is the ethos of Di Rita’s...and the reason for the launch of the deli and the farm.

Pop in and see us on Merryland and enjoy a fluffy panini or a fresh salad...cakes...coffee and much more. We are a proud local family bakery with so much more to give to the community.

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