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St.Ives Bakery throws a birthday party for Sophia the Sourdough!

St.Ives Bakery Throws a Birthday Party for their Sourdough Starter (Sophia the Sourdough) born on 4 April 2019 “There’s no sourdough around here like it! I will never buy a sourdough from a supermarket again...make sure you reserve your weekly loaf...these guys run out before the doors open” - Peter Brill - “Sophia the Sourdough attracts a long line of customers as soon as it opens with breads being reserved by customers at weekends to make sure they can guarantee their loaf! “She is the hardest working employee, she can be tempremental at times but we love her and she is key to our team” Food review - Andrea .... We created the Sophia starter in April 2019 before we opened the bakery. It has been nurtured and cared for daily since and each day some is taken out to bake the bread. The starter is then replenished with fresh organic flour and water to keep it going. Our organic flour is imported to us from Naples. We work with one of the oldest local farmers in Italy. Sourdough is not a new concept in Italy...in fact we don’t even know who discovered the Italian lievito madre – the most delicious mystery of them all! After all, Italian gastronomy features a history in which the main protagonists knew nothing about technical chemical processes, fermentation or bacilli. Like the women who – especially in the Italian South – “bred” their own mother yeast sourdough starters for centuries, giving life to the world of breadmaking and even pizza in Italy. Oh my did they get it right!! The advantages of baking with a sourdough starter are considerable. It is genuine and no chemicles or preservatives are added and above all, it’s easier to digest. Even when you buy a yeast at the supermarket, be wary of products that promise to rise too quickly; in fact, this kind of yeast can never fully activate in so little time – so it continues to do so in our stomachs, making digestion more complicated and creating the sensation of heaviness A starter culture is made from flour and water and contains lactic acid bacteria and naturally occurring yeasts. It is created by mixing equal parts of each in a jar.

The mixing action traps natural airborne yeast particles and they begin to feed on the flour in the jar, creating a living yeast colony. Lockdown has made people think about their priorities and health ,” with the life-and-death situation prompting some big questions. What are we feeding ourselves and where does it come from- after all it is our immune systems that are vital. We have seen an increase in sourdough sales and the feedback has been overwhelming. Those that know us know we do not think about cost before quality it is not our nature to do this. We work extremely hard at everything we do and support the local community with fresh quality produce from our fresh breads, pizzas, pasta, fine dining, desserts and lots more

Celebrate with us today with a sourdough loaf and a delivery of fresh pizzas this evening!! A take away with restaurants class.

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See photo below of the family bakery in Cambridge....

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