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The Brand New Pizza Experience to hit St.Ives

Di Rita’s Pizzeria has finally arrived in St.Ives (located on Merryland).

The concept and idea behind the pizzeria was our continued love for good food and bringing this to our community. Our pizzas are made with few ingredients (which was originally the reason that led Andrew to open the pizzeria when he was shopping one day and turned over a pizza box from a supermarket to find over 20 ingredients! Some

of which are not recognisable). We take time over our sourdough pizza every day. The dough is made fresh on site and our flour is 100% Italian sent to us direct from Naples. Our toppings are fresh and of the highest of quality.

The Tomatoes

This is an extremely important subject for an Italian! We have carefully selected a company in Italy which selects and processes only the highest quality of tomatoes grown in Italy utilising recipes perfected in almost 100 years of Italian tradition & experience and our pizzas deserve no less! Our sauce is prepared on the premises by the hands of our experienced chefs!

Our Pizzeria team will soon be planting our next season of garlics on Di Rita’s Farm ready to be added to our toppings. When you eat at Di Rita’s you are supporting workers who work close to land. The team at Di Rita’s hope to see you soon for the new and improved pizza experience in St.Ives 🇮🇹 Open Monday to saturday from 5pm 10pm. As our deli closes at 3.30 the pizzeria comes to life.

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