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The only Italian Pizzeria in St.Ives - why we took so long to open! Now Open!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

We are thrilled to announce we are finally open. DiRita’s Pizzeria on Merryland. After weeks of trials and frustrations, Andrew Di Rita has worked hard to come up with a pizza dough he loves and he feels is right. (a Perfectionist!) He has gone through many many different flours but feeling they were not workable and not right...to now falling in love and deciding on a flour which will be coming all the way direct from Naples To us. This flour is accredited by the Naples officials for pizzerias in Italy. However we have also added sourdough into the mix to give that extra flavour which comes with added health benefits. “The pizzas are easier to digest and they simply taste like going to Italy” quoted by one customer who have trialed our pizzas!

We are excited to have on board our Pizza Chef with 15 years experience in Sicily as a pizza chef. He is extremely passionate and will bring a mix of modern and traditional pizzas to the menu. Our dough is made early in the morning for a slow rising process. We do not freeze our dough (we do not even have a freezer on the premises) so once the dough has gone that evening it means it really has gone! Our ingredients and all the toppings are sourced direct from Italy 🇮🇹

Welcome all to DiRita’s Pizzeria St.Ives 🇮🇹

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