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The St.Ives Bakery that opened in 2019 but has been part of our family since 1911

Our Bakery in St.Ives was opened in 2019 but it’s been in our blood since 1911 -(so of course we are passionate in everything we do) .... there’s a reason behind our passion to bring back the traditional Bakery...the fresh bread we produce on site...the customers who love pre ordering their fresh bread and love to be involved with our family bakery.

In 1911 Merinda’s Great Grandfather (Mr Quelch) opened a Bakery down Union Road in Cambridge (which has recently been featured “down your street” in Cambridge weekly news. Her great grandfather worked at the bakery which was established in 1866 before then taking it over in 1911.

During the Second World War he looked after many Italian prisoners of war who came to help in the family bakery. At the end of each shift he would let them make their own fresh pasta and they would all eat together before they were taken back to the camps. Safe to say that food gave them great comfort as they missed home.

It very quickly became the go to Bakery in Cambridge with recipes handed down by generations. The aromas you could smell for miles..which you have all come to know and love at our Bakery in St.Ives.

Our bakery today is organic in every sense, not only using organic ingredients exclusively for our breads but also being the result of the skills and spirits of many different team members, from our Baker, Chefs, front of house, to our hospitality consultant who served the Royals back in his career! Everyone with enthusiasm and spirit who have understood what Di Rita’s is all about and joined in for the ride!...and what a ride it is!! #tradition #stivescambs #cambridgeshire #localbakery #familybakery #freshbread #sourdough #organic

In the next few weeks we will be capturing information and photos of our family back in Italy from grandparents through the generations ....tradition is as important as evolving...

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