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The truth ❤️🇮🇹 It’s in our DNA - your choice this evening....

When it comes to the perfect Neopolitan Pizza, it’s all about the base! Every region in Italy have their own way of making Pizza. Here at Di Rita’s Pizzeria in St.Ives our heritage is from the South of Italy and Naples is the creator of Pizzas so our natural way is to create the best! With our signature sauce full flavoured (only juicy tomatoes from Italy will do and our passata sauce can be purchased at our Deli & Pizzeria) and our simple toppings from our Deli. Pop along to Italy in St.Ives and get some kitchen must have items!

We follow many Pizzeria‘s in Naples and we have even had Chef Davide D’Auria who was ranked No.1 UK pizza chef at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza with a specialism in the Neapolitan pizza category and No.11 in the World!!! come and meet the team and train them.

We take sourdough pretty seriously here. All our dough is slow proved for more than 20 hours which creates a light delicious base.

We agree with Pizza Chef Sgarbossa, who says ‘Real Pizza is a sourdough that has been left to rise 24 to 48 hours and contains minimal yeast - not only does it add depth of flavour, sourdough is easier to digest. Some Pizzerias make dough in just two hours, use half a kilo of yeast to make it rise quicker- they simply do not have the skill, patience, or time’ and this is why we at our pizzeria take our dough so seriously and it breaks our hearts when we know others do not give their hearts and souls into pizza making but still sell it to customers!!

L’Antica Pizzeria -‘ Eat Pray Love ’🇮🇹

One of the Pizzerias we follow is of course in Naples. Naples most famous Pizza joint is L’Antica Pizzeria Michele which was featured in the Movie — ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ staring Julia Roberts.

It is famous for its sourdough...and much of what we do in our pizzeria is because of being involved with other pizzeria establishments back home and talking to them and learning. Those who think once you have created a pizza then that’s it...they are very wrong. Pizza is as evolving as ever and only a real pizzeria will know this!

Who remembers the famous quote by Elizabeth in Eat Pray Love (played by Julia Roberts) who sat in this restaurant in Naples:

“I love my Pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza actually loves me, in return. I am having a relationship with this pizza , almost an affair." as she mumbles in between each bite of her delicious margherita with double mozzarella.... )

The restaurant which has been in the same location since 1930 and run by a family whose pizza heritage goes back years before this....

You have it on your doorstep!

If you have not experienced Di Rita’s Pizzeria Sourdough Pizza in St.Ives Cambridgeshire then we urge you to make a date! Sourdough Pizzas are just something else. It is not a recent development...in Italy they have used this method for years and years. Whilst pizza making can be labour intensive, throwing sourdough in is a complete game changer but we wouldn’t have it any other way. You will not find us on any of the food apps we are an independent Italian pizzeria and it is our dedicated staff members that personally deliver our pizzas to you! We want to know they are delivered with the respect they were cooked with! You can pre order your Pizza delivery Tuesday to Saturday from 9am in the morning. However our Pizzeria delivery service starts at 5pm. Www.diritaspizzadeli.com and check out our delicious menu.

Pizza is healthy - seriously...provided it’s made the right way!

The Sourdough process gives you less of a sugar spike and produces gut healthy lactobacillus. Sourdough Pizza is a healthier option. Some people have problems digesting large amounts of yeast and this is why our pizzas are known to be digestible and easy on the digestive system. The flour we use is directly from Naples and is organic which makes a massive difference to all our breads and pizzas. As chef Sgarbossa says (and we quite agree) “the bakery industry use a tone of yeast which is causing problems for people disgestive system and making yeast intolerable for some because of the quantities” and this is why we are selective with all our flours.

Keep Pizza real and honest and you have yourselves a healthy pizza.

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