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This week 🤩🤩 what’s happening!

Take advantage of our packages this week (perfect for a Father’s Day treat delivering Tuesday to Saturday this week)

Some of our Pizza Packages:

☀️Any 4 Pizzas for £40

☀️Any 2 Pizzas, Any 2 Sides ,Any 2 fresh Bakery Desserts for £35 (add a bottle of our Italian wine selection to that package for £45)

☀️Add Peroni, Moretti, Prosecco, sanpellegrino blood Orange, lemon 🍋, orange

Anti Pasti Platter for 2🇮🇹 (£29 (£14.50 each)..here’s what you get...

- Choose Any 3 Meats (Parma ham, Salami Milano, Sicilian spicy salami, Mortadella)

- Choose Any 3 cheeses (A creamy Gorgonzola, Fresh wet mozzarella, Chili Pecorino, Taleggio)

- All boxes come with a mixed pot of olives & sundried tomatoes & artichokes, A fresh 800g loaf of your choice (including our sourdough) ..and our famous fresh Basil pesto sauce made by Di Rita’s chefs!

Total £29

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