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Time to be Real...

High-Quality Ingredients For a Better Product

Research has shown that Chains typically buy frozen food in bulk to cut down on costs, which means that what they save in money is sacrificed in terms of freshness and flavor. At Di Rita’s Pizzeria & Deli , all of our ingredients are fresh, which means that we make and serve only the best.

The Community & Team Di Rita’s

When you care about your community, you want to make the choices that will benefit it the most.

Nothings beats it for us than a early morning customer calling up to our Baker Joe before opening to reserve their bread. Our team are loyal and connect with our customers. Getting to know them is really important to us....something that is true of a family business.

Stop by at Di Ritas Pizzeria & Deli today and discover the best local pizza 🇮🇹❤️ Or fresh lunch from the deli (coffees and other treats baked today)

When you eat locally, the profits stay within the community, which benefits both the town and the restaurant, evolving into a mutually beneficial relationship! Di Rita’s Italian and pizzeria love our St.Ives community.

If you’re having a night in , then call and have us deliver local pizza right to your door! Or pop along to our restaurant on Bridge Street.

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