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What makes our Pizza’s special?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Here at Di Rita’s Pizzeria we put so much care into making the perfect dough for our pizzas. Carefully selected Italian flour from Naples after months of trials.

There is absolutely no altenative (in our eyes) than fresh dough and we refuse to use anything but fresh. We use only the highest quality of ingredients and the mozzarella is the top quality you can only get from Italian suppliers. It is our absolute passion to create a pizza that is light, mouthwatering, and if you have tasted a pizza in Italy then this pizza will seriously take your taste buds back there!

As you know, we are totally against chemicals and preservatives being added to our dough and we will only ever serve dough made by us on these premises. Our dough is fresh so once we run out we seriously have run out....we do not have a freezer where we have an endless supply of dough!

Fancy a pizza then come and experience a real Italian pizza! The only Italian pizzeria take away in St.Ives Cambridgeshire.

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