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Why we are so passionate

Italian food is so much more more than pasta & pizza. For many Italian food has images of spaghetti, pizza, meatballs but it’s so much more than that. We are all about bold flavours and totally reliant on the best and freshest ingredients.

Italian food is the story of recipes passed down from generation to generation. It brings us closer together and sharing memories of what Nonna’s parents used to make.

Friends become family and a Sunday dinner is always full of friends & family that are always welcome.

We are so passionate as a restaurant and now our pizzeria because we want to bring the community closer...we have made so many friends already since opening our restaurant 3 years ago in St.Ives and love to make you feel welcome.

come and visit our Bakery/Deli on Merryland for a true feeling of going back in time when life was all about the fresh bread. Enjoy a fresh lunch on the go or sit at our breakfast bar while enjoying a beautiful Italian coffee (espresso done the right way). Pop back for 5pm when our pizzeria opens until 10pm. www.diritaspizzadeli.com 01480 465339

Or if you fancy a sit down meal then visit our classic restaurant on Bridge Street St.Ives where food is taken seriously by our passionate Italian chefs! Www.diritasitalian.com 01480 465737

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